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God Smites Colorado With Hail Storm For Marijuana Legalization

Tornadoes large enough to wipe out towns, hail the size of grapefruit and hail balls so numerous that they drown cars, cities and the living beneath their icy wrath.

Yes, woe unto the liberals in Colorado, for God is finally breaking his silence on the marijuana legalization issue. Behold:



The National Weather Service reports that seven tornadoes descended upon Colorado, bringing with them a outpouring of hail so prevalent that it looked ‘like a blanket of December snow, smothering everything in a sea of white’.

Researchers working closely with FEMA identified the tornadoes hit areas that were known to house ‘marijuana farms’.  This shows that the supernatural weather patterns had a target.

One local resident reported, “You just wouldn’t believe how many hailstones we had.  And the continuous roar of lightning and thunder.  It was just awful.”

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