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Desperate Texas Senate Passes Anti-Gay Marriage Bill to Stop Flooding

images (3) Fearing that a sharp increase in per capita gay marriage advocacy was the source of increased flooding, Texas Senators held an emergency session early Wednesday morning to pass a new Anti-gay marriage bill to alter the weather patterns that are wreaking havoc across the state.

[adinserter block=”1″]Instead of meeting to think of ways to help thousands of displaced families whose lives are being destroyed by the storms that have killed over 12 people, literally causing homes to float away and left many tragically missing, the lawmakers instead were able to look past all the fluff and focus on what is typically important during a crises such as this: a gay’s love interest.

All too often gay men have selfishly married each other, demanding rights to do so and then laughing as they jet off to exotic locations on their honeymoons or buying homes abroad as they are featured on shows like House Hunters International, their typical high-end jobs and double-male salary household giving them the classic gay and rich lifestyle.

While the new gay couples are out gallivanting the globe, eating grilled meats and celebrating, the state they left behind — bound by Constitutional law which is based on Abrahamic and New covenant — are punished by the wrath of God. We’ve seen this time and time again.

Of course it is logical that some Texans believe the darkness that has fallen upon the state is a form of Biblical styled wrath, the type seen in Sodom and Gomorrah. Unfortunately this time, the lawmakers have it all wrong. Gay marriage is not to blame: this is the direct work of Obama causing climate change in Texas and flooding it, as its a part of his agenda to destabilize the state and abuse its oil wealth for his nefarious machinations.

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