Update: Obama Orders FEMA Death Camps for Texans, Makes Strong Moves to Weaken State Before Jade Helm Invasion


Obama’s plans to soften up Texas prior to the Jade Helm invasion operates like Swiss clockwork. Precise. Efficient. Tick-tocking the hours and minutes down until the very second he invades so he can destroy Texas’ Christian heritage, abduct President George W. Bush and stand before the world and declare him self the President of Texas.

As us Texas join together to face this very serious tragedy, Obama is relaxed in Washington, D.C., sipping on drinks and watching his plans to create a new world of liberal darkness come to fruition.

[adinserter block=”1″]Last night, Obama vowed to set-up FEMA camps where displaced Texans can live.  Governor Abbott can do nothing as Obama responds to a ‘state of emergency’ with an invasion of federal agents.  Obama already has his FEMA operatives casing Texas neighborhoods in boats.

As many of us have been forced to flee Houston, which is the fourth biggest city in America, many have nowhere to turn and will have to take Obama up on his offer.

Is Texas Under Attack by POTUS For Resisting Jade Helm?

Does a rooster cackle at the crack of dawn?  The answer here is yes.  Obama is making it no secret that he is upset Texas Governor Abbott called international attention to the Obama Administration’s plans to invade Texas, overthrow the governor, steal all the oil for ISIS and then even kidnap President Bush and force him to recant his faith in God on national television.

Liberals will try to tell you such things are far-fetched, but look at what Obama did to his old buddy Qaddafi in Libya.  Obama told Qaddafi he was his friend for life, shaking his hand.   But the moment Obama saw his opportunity, he turned his back on Qaddafi, illegally invaded Libya and threw the nation under his rule.

Obama did the same thing to his best friends in Egypt.

Mark the words of the truth:  Obama is coming to Texas.  This is what we’re seeing down here today:

obama fema camp


The FEMA camp seen above is where good Texans will be forced to live and grow dependent on the government.  Obama can force Texans to sign all sorts of agreements to survive and feed their families:

1)  Turn over their guns.  FEMA camps do not allow weapons.

2)  Sign forms saying that in order to receive food and housing, they will submit to martial law until the FEMA director (under the command of Obama) lifts the housing contract.

3)  Vaccines and inoculations:  Obama can say that typhus or dysentery risk is high, and force everyone to get special vaccines at these camps.  Wonder if Obama laces those vaccines with GPS markers or RFID chips that contain an electronic signature of 666?  What then?

4)  Obamacare:  Healthcare comes free in these camps to those who sign up.  This is a preamble to Obamacare, a way to make Texans sympathetic to those who aren’t in a disaster but still depend on the government.

Sure, these FEMA camps may keep you alive if you agree to abide by Obama’s rules, but they are death to the American spirit.  This camps represent communism and submission to a liberal way of government.   These camps are just the first-strike of Jade Helm.

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    A porter says

    Obams caused the flooding in order to justify his invasion of Texas. There are already FEMA death camps in place. Gov.Abbott’s children have already been placed in a holding cell beneath the Greenbriar Resort in WV. If he doesn’t go along with Obama, they’ll be killed.

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    Carolyn Brashear says


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