Confirmed: Obama’s New Homosexual Chemtrail Superweapon Tested on Ireland, Causes Entire Country to Turn Gay

rainbow (1) Military drone unleashes a stream of super-heated air laden with homosexual chemtrails. Drones such as this were seen flying sorties over Ireland days before a vote that turned the nation over into legalized gay marriage.

The worst of conservative fears have been realized in Ireland. As planned, the new homosexual chemtrail super-cannon has unleashed unprecedented torrents of air super-heated with high doses of the chemical agent upon a nation that, prior to this weekend, was largely moral and Catholic.

But with just one order, Obama strengthened the gay agenda with use of this new weapon.

[adinserter name=”bigsquare”]There are numerous Youtube videos that show airplanes flying over Ireland, releasing chemtrails that quickly form rainbow-tinted air that falls down upon the Earth.

The new superweapon proves that an entire nation can now be converted to homosexuality, which is great news for the liberal agenda to destroy Jesus and help Obama build a new kingdom of liberal darkness.

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  1. Reply
    Alex says

    I am vote conservative. But I have to say, this is the most stupid propganda huey I’ve ever heard in my life. Your a complete moron to have written something as ridiculous as this.
    It’s 5 minutes of my life that I wasted.

    • Reply
      Octavius says

      And what, exactly, is different when this is compared to your standard conservative news article?

    • Reply
      Cassius says

      A) It took you five minutes to read this?
      B) You are a grammatical nightmare
      C) Have you no sense of humor?

      Liam, with all due respect, I don’t think you can call people a moron for writing something that is humorous, political and also creative when you can’t write properly yourself or see something for what it is.

      That is all
      I wish you all the best

      • Reply
        Cassius says

        Sorry, not Liam but Alex
        Whoever you are..

    • Reply
      Bob says


      • Reply
        Cassius says

        Or ‘you are’. Either or, whether you decide to abbreviate or not..

    • Reply
      Kevin Katz says


    • Reply
      Matt says

      It took you 5 minutes to read that? Well at least you know you are among the correct party of illiterate idiots like yourself.

    • Reply
      Larry says

      At least we know how to use “you’re”. So – who’s the moron? 😉 😉 😉

    • Reply
      David says

      why do you vote conservative. it can’t be of their economic policies which has been a total failure. Could it be their social issues, which deminize the poor and vets as freeloaders. Could it be for their forign policy that loves a war anytime they can start one?

  2. Reply
    Liam says

    Obama you concentrate on your country while Ireland concentrates on there lifes

    • Reply
      Judith Priest says

      Oh, dear, Liam!

      You think this is REAL!?!?

      Bwaaahaaahaaahaaahaaa ….

  3. Reply
    Auntie1947 says

    I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants!

  4. Reply
    Jack says

    This is parody right? I can’t tell anymore.

    • Reply
      desertboy says

      Gods, but I hope so.

      I mean, conservatives are, by nature, gullible and stupid. But THIS is too much even for them!

  5. Reply
    Tho Truong says

    I’m more amazed at the comments here showing the lack of comprehension of satire.

  6. Reply
    Ajk says

    Ha ha ha, good one!

  7. Reply
    Deanna Knickerbocker says

    Why wasn’t this posted on April 1? It’s perfect!

  8. Reply
    paul says

    You’be just insulted the intelligence of a fine nation of people expressing their democratic right. You f***wit!!

  9. Reply
    Matthew King says

    This is the biggest crock of huey I have ever heard.
    Any dumbkeister that reads and believes this BS should
    talk to me because I have a left-handed hammer for
    sale. Grammatical errors everywhere. Did a 5 year old
    construct this? It reads like it. The huey is so deep in
    here, I needed my wading boots to read comments.
    Wake up America. The rest of the world is just laughing
    at us.

  10. Reply
    Billy says

    Gotta be a satire site…Nobody could be this stupid…

  11. Reply
    M says

    Now that’s funny.

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