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Seinfeld – The Leaning Susan

An amazing group of thespians have let their powers combine and recreated one of America’s best shows of all time: ¬†Seinfeld.

This is just simply amazing and one can only hope that Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David take notice and just maybe, just maybe, let these amazing actors have a little bit of studio time so the world can enjoy their talent in high production quality.

Here is information from the video’s YouTube page:

Published on May 7, 2015
A full-length, original episode of Seinfeld. The show features uncanny portrayals of the central characters, 90s commercial parodies, and original Seinfeld standup. Even Susan is back. Yes, that Susan.

Performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, NY | March 23, 2015

Written by: Matt Moskovciak, Glenn Boozan, Dru Johnston, Claire Downs, Melinda Taub, and Nathan Min

Noah Forman as Jerry
Cathryn Mudon as Elaine
Dru Johnston as George
Michael Antonucci as Kramer
Joanna Bradley as Susan
Laura Willcox as Anastasia
Matt Moskovciak & Nathan Min as Businessmen
Glenn Boozan as Salon Receptionist
Claire Downs as Waitress

Directed by Brandon Gulya

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